We put a closure on the most sustainable EVOO from Teruel. Thank you, “Sponsor an olive tree”!

We put a closure on the most sustainable EVOO from Teruel. Thank you, “Sponsor an olive tree”!

The founders of the “Sponsor an olive tree” Association say that these trees “need to share their wisdom and feel human beings close to reward them with their liquid gold”. They also say that “growing them is not just about planting them and letting them grow – without care, they will disappear”.

And we believe them. Because we share the same philosophy on life. At Torrent, we are committed to sustainability in the broadest sense of the word. Who would not take part in a project that has recently recovered 7,200 olive trees and has employed more than 8 families from Oliete (Teruel)?

Today, the Association already has more than 2,500 sponsors who, like us, believe in sustainability and the beauty of the natural environment. That environment that gives us so many things, such as Virgin Olive Oil.

 Torrent has just put the V56 closure on the bottle from the project’s first harvest. A stopper that crowns an unprecedented charity project in the Spanish olive world. The initiative is ongoing and organizers are planning to recover 10,000 olive trees in Teruel this year.

200 children take part in the “Educa-Apadronaunolivo.org” programme

 “Sponsor an olive tree” has also launched an educational programme for children. “Educa-Apadrinaunolivo.org” has already helped 200 children enjoy being awarded the titles of “Land Guardians” and “Ambassadors for Climate Justice” for demonstrating a sustainable rural awareness in environmental, food and social action areas. As members of the organization say, “we believe unconditionally in them as a guarantee for the future of our work in the conservation and recovery of our natural heritage”.

This is the present and future of the Spanish olive grove… Congratulations! J

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