We have turned 100 years old: thanks for celebrating with us!

We have turned 100 years old: thanks for celebrating with us!

On October 7, Grupo Torrent celebrated its 100th anniversary in the virgin olive oil, liqueurs, spirits and wine stopper sector. We celebrated our first Centennial by expressing our gratitude for the support of our clients, with whom we have always worked closely and for the unprecedented involvement of a team of professionals committed to doing the job well.

To commemorate this date, we have organized a series of activities that will take place this year and focus on our staff. We inaugurated this series of events on the most obvious date of all – Sunday October 7. We invited all our staff to an away day, which ended up being a very special event.

“Today you are the client.” With this phrase, printed on the shirts of staff members who run the commercial department, we paid tribute to colleagues from different areas and departments of the companies that make up the entire Group. An exhibition on the milestones reached over 100 years of history, involving previous generations of workers. A “time capsule” in which emotional messages were left for the next Centennial. A surprise video in the style of a documentary, through which many left their testimony. Words of gratitude from our CEO, David Torrent, and also words from Antonio Reyes, who has notched up several decades working in our company, encouraging and strengthening us to continue forward.  We will remember the event forever for its warm and festive atmosphere.

But the commemorative activities for our first Centennial are not over yet – they will continue in 2019. Amongst other things, Grupo Torrent has renewed its website, adapting it to new browsing, positioning and online design formats. Different promotional actions have also been implemented and are already working.

“The world is moved along not only by the might shoves of its heroes, but also by the aggregate of tiny pushes of each honest worker”. From here, our thanks go out to all Grupo Torrent staff for remaining with us throughout these 100 years.

On to the next Centennial!



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