High Quality Aluminum closures to seal and protect the contents contained in a bottle - Torrent Closures
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Cierres de aluminio y tapones de rosca de máxima calidad | Torrent Closures

High Quality Aluminum closures to seal and protect the contents contained in a bottle

Among Europe’s leading manufacturers of aluminum closures and caps, is the Torrent Group, who along with manufacturers of aluminum foils and sheets for closures, have launched a campaign under the slogan “Aluminum Closures -Rotate 360 ° “spreading the benefits of using aluminum caps for wine.

The benefits generated by the use of aluminum caps and closures are:

  • Elimination of the problem of TCA or “cork taint”
  • Greater consistency from bottle to bottle
  • Conservation of aroma, flavor and freshness of the product
  • High design possibilities
  • Easy opening and closing, storage and transport
  • 100% recyclable
  • Much cheaper than traditional caps

Moreover, the huge increase in the use of aluminum closures in the last 10 years confirms that wine producers are supporting the use of these closures.

The global sales data is significant: dominant market share in New Zealand 95%, Australia 80%,  South Africa and Chile, 60%. As regards Europe, notably Germany with an immediate usage of 60%. The UK with almost 50% market share. In North America  usage grows gradually.


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