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Research, Development and innovation (R+D+I) are crucial factors we take into account when offering our customers new closure solutions exclusively for their products. At Torrent Innova, our R+D+I department approaches the development of closure solutions as a continuous challenge. We give the highest priority to our clients’ requests, launching new experiences in the use of closures which facilitate bottling, and which identify the product in the market as an exclusive item. All this entails an added value for the end consumer.


For this, design and aesthetics are key factors in the technological development of closures. The analysis of the technical knowledge required and the application of the latest technologies, such as additive manufacturing or simulation of finite elements, enables us to put unique closure solutions on the market.

Committed to the environment


We are strongly committed to the policy of minimum environmental impact, based on the following principles:

Rigorous and strict compliance with Spanish and European legislation regarding waste, its generation and treatment

We only work with managers authorized by the Administration for the removal of the small amount of waste generated

We recycle and use recycled or recyclable materials. Torrent closures are 100% recyclable and all manufacturing surplus is recycled

We work with suppliers and collaborators that respect good environmental practice

Energy consumption must be at the minimum and required level. The principle of energy efficiency (EcoMachine) is considered a priority in the criteria for acquiring manufacturing equipment.

We maintain a proactive attitude towards the continuous improvement of environmental care.

We promote, train and raise awareness among all Torrent Group professionals in the application and development of these environmental policies.

El cumplimiento riguroso y estricto de la legislación española y europea relativo a los residuos, su generación y tratamiento

Trabajar sólo con gestores autorizados por la Administración para la retirada de los pocos residuos que se generan

Reciclar y emplear materiales reciclados o reciclables. Los tapones de Torrent son 100% reciclables y todos los excedentes de fabricación se reciclan

Trabajar con proveedores y colaboradores que respeten las buenas prácticas medioambientales

El consumo de energía debe ser el mínimo y necesario. En los criterios de adquisición de equipos de fabricación se considera prioritario el principio de eficiencia energética (EcoMachine)

Mantener una actitud proactiva en la mejora continua del cuidado medioambiental

Difundir, formar y concienciar a todos los profesionales del Grupo Torrent en la aplicación y desarrollo de estas políticas medioambientales